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13 NOTIONS FOR 2013: If You Are Reading This, At Least Time Hasn’t Ended…Yet



It is not quite December 21, 2012 as I write this, so the whole Mayan calendar end of time business is still up in the air. If the universe should in fact disintegrate on that date, please feel free to disregard any or all of the following. My bad.

All things being equal (what a comical thought!), I am not predicting the end of the world in 2013. This is not a money back guarantee…stuff happens…but for the most part I actually slightly prefer the outlook for 2013 versus that of our old friend 2012. Just please don’t take that to mean that things are going to be absolutely swell or better for you personally, as a rising tide actually destroys some boats and, as we’ve just established, all things are hardly ever equal.

Also it has come to my attention that I am something of an over-explainer. You know the sort of person…you request your favorite sad song in a bar, and the piano player insists on telling you the unabridged story of the composer’s life. So I am going to focus on the short and sweet of the predictions and keep the explanatory astrological detritus to a minimum (wish me luck, I’ll need it)…if that troubles you, shoot me an email and I’ll try to shoot back.

1)      Two events and one pertinent insight are shadowed by the quite exact position of Saturn (difficulties) in the 2013 New Year’s chart. The first is Hurricane Hazel, a 1954 killer storm (1200 fatalities!) that devastated Haiti, made landfall in the Carolinas, and ultimately flooded out the city of Toronto. Let us hope that this event, having already manifested in Hurricane Sandy and its ongoing aftermath, is no longer a foreshadowing of events to come…and that climate change is the hoax that some politicians contend.

2)      The second Saturn shadow event is the 1983 airing of the landmark television special (watched by half of the television audience in the U.S. and then played around the world) “The Day After.” This grimly realistic and immensely disturbing drama (so disturbing, in fact, that all of the announced advertisers cancelled their contracts before airtime) portrays life in the town of Lawrence, Kansas the day after Kansa City is wiped out in a nuclear attack. I accept that this is rather depressing foreshadowing (particularly if you live in Kansas City), but at least this was a fictional event that actually helped to get world leaders talking seriously about nuclear disarmament. (Yes astrologers, Saturn is wedded by mutual reception to the atomic scourge of Pluto this year, but the sextile in the New Year’s chart indicates opportunity rather than conflict…one can hope.)

3)      The pertinent Saturn shadow insight belongs to esteemed author Kurt Vonnegut. Here is text from a letter he happened to write on the very same day that “The Day After” aired. “It is my agnosticism which gets me into trouble with the censors…they honestly believe that we have under law an established religion and that it is Christianity…they believe that the Constitution has no more to do with law than a Hallmark Greeting Card…they also believe that Anglo-Saxons really own this country, and the rest of us shouldn’t forget for a moment that we are merely guests here…the proper salutations in letters to censors and Frank Sinatra are identical: Dear Blue Eyes-.” We shall not likely escape the increasingly contentious consideration of such cultural matters in the year ahead.

4)      Yeah, yeah, yeah. But what about the economy? I guess this marks a fourth influence of Saturn, because its position in the second house (assets) indicates a year of tightening purse strings. Nevertheless, I am greatly intrigued by the potentially salutary influence of Jupiter (good fortune) in both the U.S. New Year’s chart and the 2013 first trade chart of the New York Stock Exchange. As I promised to keep the mumbo jumbo to a minimum, let me simply state that we appear to be looking at a year in which housing, real estate, minerals and the national infrastructure are vibing positively. The stock market may seem a little stingy, and much may be made of sitting on cash (keeping powder dry), but assets will flow to industries that are “grounded to the ground,” as that lady says in the car commercial.

5)      What about the jobs picture? Frankly, the planetary influence of Neptune (mystery) and Uranus (surprise) are all over this area in the coming year. While it is apparent to everyone that we are presently under duress in the jobs area, there is an enormous suggestion that we are in profoundly evolutionary, maybe even revolutionary, times regarding mass employment. Uranus’ position in the house of employment mirrors its position in the birth chart of the U.S.A., and the ideas of technology, general inventiveness and service to country…in all their manifestations…are accented. (Astrologers might care to note the exact sextile from Mars to Uranus in the 2013 chart, as well as a Jupiter transit to the natal Uranus in the U.S. chart, accenting the expansiveness and the energy one might find in a (r)evolution-minded population.)

6)      People who already have jobs might be particularly riled up this year. It is not strictly my job here to play the sociologist or the economist or the cultural historian, but it is conceivable that we are in a (perhaps surprising) swing of the cycle towards the interests of workers rather than ownership. I’m not advocating one way or the other, just sniffing the zeitgeist. Jupiter (which stands for increase) is sitting at a degree in the 2013 chart that carries the image of strikers surrounding a factory. At the very least the esoteric indication is of a broad populist challenge to the status quo.

7)      While we are on the topic of Jupiter (generally considered an indicator of good fortune) we might look at some of the historical shadows pertinent to its exact position in the 2013 New Year’s chart. In its most recent appearance in this exact place, on April 1, 2001, the day’s top headline had to do with collision of a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese fighter plane off the coast of Hainan Island, in the South China Sea. While a Chinese pilot’s life was lost, and 24 U.S. airmen were held in detention for a brief period, the issue was resolved diplomatically with face-saving concessions made by both sides. So hopefully we may look forward to a continuation of cooler heads prevailing if such matters arise in the year ahead.

8)      Despite the headline grabbing attention of the Hainan Island incident, it was not a dull day in other regards. Included among the other noteworthy events to occur on April 1, 2001: it was the publication date of Usama Bin Laden’s Al-Qaida: Profile of a Terrorist Network, an academic book that 5 months later became the chief post-9/11 reference work for media organizations and government agencies forced to come to terms with Al-Qaida; it was the day that saw the arrest of Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslavian President charged with being a Serbian war criminal; it was an evening that witnessed an historically massive display of the Northern Lights witnessed as far south as central Mexico; and, last but hardly least, it was the evening of WrestleMania X-Seven…you remember, Steve Austin versus The Rock in a “no disqualification” match? Feel free to extrapolate any or all of these into appropriate 2013 redundancies, but pay particular attention to how the world was churning at this time…and imagine an entire year of it.

9)      If you are an astrologer, you may be familiar with Jeff Green’s concept of the “skipped step.” It’s what you have in a horoscope when a planet is square to the moon nodal axis. The general sense is that the planet in the T-square to the nodes has been somehow short changed in one’s karmic evolution and that this lifetime demands a special consideration of that planet for the sake of one’s soul path. In the 2013 New Year’s chart for the U.S., there is a “skipped step” involving the Moon in Leo the 11th house. Now, I could go on from here to write a rather lengthy astrological explication of these and related factors (how about the transiting moon goddess asteroid Diana being conjunct the New Year’s sun, or the fact that the moon is sesquiquadrate to Pluto conjunct the IC, huh?) but I promised not to do that sort of thing. Suffice it to say I am skipping many steps for the sake of going directly to the message, which is this: astrology is suggesting that it is of the deepest importance for the U.S. to come to terms with its heritage this year, to learn to accept and cope with certain irresolvable issues, and to apply its collective tribal wisdom in an aspirational manner as nurturer and caretaker for its entire population. Sincere reflection and not supercilious recrimination is key. Our national soul depends on this.

10)  Mercury (communication) is very interesting this coming year, as it is situted in its favorite house (the third, the house of communication) and in the first degree of Capricorn (a placement signifying authority and leadership). One may be hopeful that the public dialogue in this non-election year might actually give us more, rather than less, hope in the ability of our leaders to intelligently comprehend and forthrightly discuss our collective situation. Also in the third house of communication this year is Venus (values), in a degree that signifies the hierarchical process of learning through imitation. Hopefully we will be exposed to ideas that bear repeating, rather than attitudes that do not.

11)  At around the age of 51 or 52, everyone experiences the astronomical/astrological phenomenon of the Chiron return. Astronomically, Chiron is a large centaur-object orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. It takes Chiron 51+ years to orbit the sun, therefore the concept of a return. Mythically and astrologically, Chiron is a great teacher/healer with a single tragic flaw. He can teach anything and heal anyone, but he is incapable of doing such things to his own personal advantage…and frequently not without suffering personal pain and loss. Thus, we have the astrological conceit that at the age of 51 or 52 all people turn towards a time of spiritual discovery, in which we extract from the lessons from our individual past the essence of our contribution to the collective future, ideally without any personal selfishness or fear. Abraham Lincoln was 52 when inaugurated as president; Franklin Delano Roosevelt was 51. Having turned 51 in 2012, Barrack Obama celebrates his Chiron return this year in a degree represented by a parade of army officers in full dress. Esoterically this degree, independent of any Chiron interpretation, stands for the most intensely manifested and self-sacrificial sort of group responsibility. It’s certainly a situation with compelling overtones.

12)  Geographically speaking (domestic):

  1. Newport, Oregon – earthquake/weather activity
  2. Phoenix, Arizona – real estate values on the rise, but difficult publicity
  3. Dodge City, Kansas – feminism has its day
  4. Biloxi, Mississippi – good business news
  5. Indianapolis, Indiana – the wildly unexpected
  6. Cape Canaveral, Florida – troubles above
  7. Niagara Falls, New York – shine on

13)  Geographically speaking (international):

  1. Afghanistan, Pakistan – big (encouraging) developments
  2. Cape Town, South Africa – news of business partnerships
  3. Toronto, Canada – a lot of admiring U.S. attention
  4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – cold relations
  5. Medina, Saudi Arabia – inhospitable territory
  6. Frankfurt, Germany – arguments
  7. Monywa, Myanmar – strange dealings

Here’s hoping your own 2013 is a safe and successful one. If I may be of consultative service, please drop me a line at smw@stevenmarkweiss.com

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