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It’s been over a year since I’ve visited my own blog. I’ve had stuff to write but little will to do so. The world has changed in ways that are not congenial to my personal style.

Simply put, if brevity is the soul of wit than I am witless. I’ve had sneezes that last longer than the time it takes to write or read a tweet. I’m a florid thinker in an age that demands the economy of sound bites.

And yet I am compelled to make some remarks here about A.D. 2012. In the spirit of the times, I will refrain from making a single qualification about the limitations of astrology and the influence of personal perspective. This is me as Malcolm Gladwell, simply “blinking” at some first impressions of the horoscope and attendant astrological activity of the coming year with regard to the U.S.A. Were this a tweet, it might simply read: 2012 is creeping me out.

1) The year begins with an exact square of Mercury and Mars. Mercury is what we think, Mars is what we do. The square indicates operations at intense cross purposes. Apparently the zeitgeist will be filled with people saying one thing (3rd house Mercury) and secretly (12th house Mars) trying to get away with another. Expect a horrendously noisy, ill-willed and duplicitous campaign season.

2) Another tight square in the New Year’s chart is that between the Sun and the Moon. Here is the conflict between identity and how we feel about that identity. Based on the Sun and Moon’s respective placements on the IC and Descendant we can expect alternatively loyal and competitive teams of citizens (Moon in the 7th house) offering emotions-driven arguments about the fundamental nature of the system (Sun in 4th house) in which they participate. If this sounds like Tea Party vs. ‘OWS’…only crazier if that is even possible…you are sort of catching the drift.

3) Oh yes, Pluto is conjunct the Sun directly on the IC. This may sound like gibberish to the average person, but I swear that astrologers are wetting their pants as the full symbolic implication of this state of affairs takes root (especially as Pluto is also square to the Moon as indicated above). The intensity of this aspect can not be reported in a moderate tone. With Pluto representing often- violent transformation at the molecular level, conjunct identity at cross purposes with the collective desires of the public, and placed at the root of  the whole systemic shebang…well just maybe those Mayans were on to something.

4) Of course, the only thing in which Americans might take more interest than the end of the world is the state of the economy. Alas, also not good. In the New Year’s horoscope the sign Scorpio is on the second house cusp, which essentially means that affairs of wealth are “ruled” by Pluto in the coming year…please go reread point #3.

5) Actually, one might make an attractive case for the broad success of financial risk in the coming year, due to Jupiter (good fortune) approaching the house of other people’s resources (the 8th) paying tribute by sign to Venus (money) in the house of speculation (the 5th).  Of course, as the 8th house pertains to otherpeople’s resources, including wealth-collectivization institutions such as government treasuries, banks, and brokerages, one can easily see risk-money flow towards or among these institutions rather than towards individual speculators. This latter hypothesis is supported by the fact that in the 2012 first trade chart of the NYSE (not shown here) a favorable conjunction of Moon and Jupiter (we may not be as poor as we think) in the house of personal wealth (the 2nd) is directly opposed by the planet Saturn (limitations imposed by authority, scarcity in general) in the 8th house (long-term investments and relations with financial institutions). Certainly invoked is the institutional thwarting of individual wealth accumulation through taxes, monetary policy, strict loan requirements, home foreclosures, big league market manipulation, and the like.

5) As a practitioner of geographical astrology, let me put out storm warnings for any municipality roughly on a north/south line from Rochester, NY, through Richmond, VA (close enough to Washington, D.C. to score points), through the eastern part of Cuba (close enough to Guantanamo to score points). The Great Plains states are also under some high bore energetic influences, as are the big population centers of eastern Texas. Seen better days: NYC, LA, Atlanta, Phoenix,  Cincinnati, Milwaukee.

6) Of course if there are places under duress, one might reasonably assume that there will be locales basking in the glow of good fortune. One reasonable way to determine such places is to see where Jupiter (good fortune) and Venus (love) energies are geographically active. In the 2012 New Year’s astrocartography chart of the USA there are no such places.

7) So who is going to win the presidential election? It’s a fair question, and one that honestly needs more than a blink analysis. What does immediately catch my eye in looking at Barack Obama’s natal chart in therms of the New Year’s chart is that transiting Jupiter is exactly square Jupiter. This interesting aspect is often described as “more than one can handle” or “not big enough to do what is expected of you.” It is sometimes a “delusions of grandeur” aspect that can signify generous  outpourings that soon lead to shortages (TARP anyone?). Interestingly, though, the same two charts reflect transiting Uranus in exact sextile to Obama’s natal Jupiter. This is often an aspect of sudden good luck, indicating opportunity for both economic and philosophical expansion. With Obama’s Venus nearly conjunct the New Year’s  midheaven (popularity), transiting Mars conjunct Mars (energy), and powerful activity in the 11th house of public affairs, it is useful to remember that the next presidential term does not begin until 2013…and there are many significant presidential bridges to cross in the meanwhile.

8)What about the GOP? I admittedly haven’t done anywhere near the work required to make a solid call in this regard. Putting Herman Cain aside for just a moment, it is interesting that the two current leaders in the race for nomination, Romney and Perry, both have Sun in Pisces. Pisces Suns are often inspirational and brilliant (think Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs), but they have a protean quality that demands vast personal space for creative exploration and mental fluidity. They are certainly not at their best when it comes to consistency or a linear sense of reality. This does not diminish their electability (George Washington was a Pisces if it comes to that),but it does perhaps indicate that the GOP is  looking for a candidate whom is capable of saying anything and can be entirely molded to the circumstantial moment (on a minute by minute basis if necessary). Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, is powerfully in play in our culture right now…so even if this is not what we are looking for, maybe it is what we are going to get. FWIW, Herman Cain is a Sagittarius another mentally mutable sign. Sagittarius is often smart and funny, once you get the foot out of their mouth.

Speaking of mouth, here I am running off at mine after promising to observe word economy. So here’s what I’m going to do. The last four ‘predictions’ are going to be tweet length. They may not make immediate sense or invoke any sense of accuracy, but they will be short (although not entirely artless).

9) Super Tuesday didn’t exist before 1988. Today the primary process is an exercise in timing, money and organizational strategy. Ideas? Haha.

10) In the movie Vacation, Chevy Chase never really appreciates how close he is to being Randy Quaid. Pass the Helper.

11) Yuri Andropov was the first head of the KGB to lead the USSR. Described as a “beast,” he was also said to be an effective manager.

12) Pet.com was the last IPO before the NASDAQ tech bubble burst. $82M was raised for an online company that shipped kitty litter.

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