Personal Consultations

The essence of consultative astrology is personal attention, empathy and direct interaction. I offer neither canned analyses nor computer-generated reports. You will have my most sincere personal attention as we together seek relevant answers to the questions that all of us eventually ask of ourselves.

Who am I and what is my purpose?
What are my gifts and my challenges?
Where, literally, in the world do I belong?
What about my career, wealth, and relationships?
What is happening now?
What is likely to happen tomorrow?

“…thank you so much for your talents and the way you share them…”

“…Wow! What a session…”

“…you helped me so much over the past year that I would like to do another one…”

“…we both agreed it’s time for another chat with our now favorite astrologer…”

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Businesspersons who don’t take astrology seriously often seem offended by it. Really, they wonder, how can any sane individual pay heed to this irrational goop? But such a question, whatever its merits as a logical position, betrays a loss of business focus.

Astrology, which after all is only an unusual tool, is not the issue. The real issue is employing whatever means are at one’s disposal to comprehensively address such questions as:

  • Where does the economy go from here?
  • What are the coming trends in the collective culture and in my industry?
  • Why can’t I get into my colleagues’ and customers’ heads; and why do they so often misunderstand what matters to me?
  • What’s the best time to launch?
  • Why is everything so influenced by place as well as time?
  • Why am I here and what should I really be doing with my life?
  • What happens next?

The value of astrology lies not in its ability to infallibly answer these questions. The key is that astrology is an art/craft/language the essence of which is to try and answer these questions. Call it faith or folly if you must, but astrology is a creative discipline developed during all the millenia of human history; one that has been judged by some of mankind’s greatest thinkers and achievers to be a valuable augmentation to the processes of the purely rational mind…an extra edge that is available to you if you aren’t rigidly convinced that only straight edges matter.