Signs of Success

sos Take a serious career devoted to trends and demography and mix in the brain of an intellectual outlaw, and you end up with Signs of Success: The Remarkable Power of Business Astrology.  Published by AMACOM, the literary arm of the American Management Association, this book boldly goes where few western business professionals have dared to venture. Astrology is likely more art than science, admits Steve Weiss, but it is an art that is highly prized in many powerful economic societies around the globe. This entertaining and enlightening book will help you appreciate what you’ve been missing. 



“Great minds think alike and therein lies the problem. If you approach business (or life) from the same perspective as everyone else, success becomes that much more difficult to achieve. With Signs of Success, Steve Weiss provides another tool for your management quiver—one that others are not likely to consider. Bad for them. Good for you.”
Paul B. Brown, business columnist and author of the international bestseller Customers for Life

“…a smart, fun and compelling read…”
-Richard Melman, Founder and Chairman, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

“…extremely enjoyable reading that makes a compelling case for being aligned with one’s stars…”
-Janna P. Trout, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, The Campbell Soup Company