Signs Of Taste

sot Steve’s presentation on food trends at the annual convention of the National Restaurant Association took a ‘spacey’ turn when survey results were cross-tabulated with the respondents’ astrological signs.  Further study revealed extraordinary cosmic consistency in such culinary matters as menu preferences, cooking styles, dining habits, food fantasies, etc. Read all about it inSigns of Taste: A Gastrological Guide and Recipe Book…and come hungry for fun.   





“I’m gratified to inform you that when reviewing material to feature in our programming on cookbooks we selected Steven Weiss’ Signs of Taste as being among the very best available today. It is both a professional and personal pleasure to report such excellence to our audience.”
James Cox, Editor-in-chief, The Midwest Book Review

-Judy Hille Walker, Food Editor, The Arizona Republic
“We certainly had a lot of fun with this. Be sure to stop by the next time you have a new book and we’ll do it again.”
-Bethanye McNichol, The Portland Oregonian