Geographical Astrology

You have made your way to an astrology website that is concerned with the topic of geographical astrology. I know that astrology is a dicey subject and I take no offense at those of you who are contemptuous. Certainly the world needs its scientists and engineers and I fully respect the fact that you may have to get back to the lab right now.

I only make so bold here as to suggest that the world also needs its artists and cosmic explorers. As a pretty rational soul, who has pursued a “normal” business career for the better part of four decades, I have as a sideline found much in astrology…and astrologers… that has strained credulity. By the same token, and also over the better part of four decades, I have come across some pretty magnificent stuff.

Geographical astrology…the application of astrological insights to geographical matters…is most assuredly among that magnificent stuff. I have no idea ‘how,’ and even less ‘why,’ it works…but my experience with its tools and techniques has been entirely what I think the empiricists might call mind blowing.

There are examples of why I’ve come to that conclusion throughout this website, although even these barely touch the surface of its possibilities. My hope is through this modest presence that I can encourage others to engage with the field and, even more importantly, to create an outpost for the few seekers who will realize that they may have stumbled across a treasure map.

Looking for useful directions? I’d sincerely like to help.