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The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race: Pick A Sign

Another presidential election cycle is nearly upon us (sigh) and let’s face it…this Democrat-Republican thing leaves something to be desired. Today there are just too many shades of grey in our lives (at last count at least 50), while the umbrella terms “liberal” and “conservative” have devolved into ridiculously expressionistic and self-serving mantras, rather than concrete and consistent  descriptions of […]

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Pop Music of the Spheres

I stole this idea from radio.com. They recently published an article in which they took the 12 zodiacal signs and ascribed to each a singer and a song that embodied the qualities of the particular sign. The only problem for me was that they addressed the youthful  audience that was likely to be visiting their website…and I am personally past […]

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2014: 14 Places That Will Matter To Americans

  Back in 2012 when everyone else was fretting about the impending cessation of life on earth, I was happy to take a less alarmist approach. “Don’t worry about the Mayans,” I told anyone who would listen. “It’s a cycle that is ending, not the world. If you really want a year to worry about, you might try 2014.” Well, […]

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13 NOTIONS FOR 2013: If You Are Reading This, At Least Time Hasn’t Ended…Yet

  It is not quite December 21, 2012 as I write this, so the whole Mayan calendar end of time business is still up in the air. If the universe should in fact disintegrate on that date, please feel free to disregard any or all of the following. My bad. All things being equal (what a comical thought!), I am […]

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5 Things To Consider Before Dismissing Astrology

1) The best astrologers…meaning those whose company you might enjoy over an adult refreshment…all at first fought their acceptance of astrology. You don’t come into this life championing the notion that other celestial bodies have an influence upon your life on earth. And you don’t suddenly become super-credulous when a newspaper horoscope has a grain of personal truth. If you […]

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